Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best $5 Burger in Town

Not sure if my readers are noticing a trend already, but Mr. J and I LOVE to eat.  We also love to hunt down great deals.  One of our best finds in Tampa is the $5 burger from Malio's Prime Steakhouse.  This sucker is massive.  The best part?  Malio's has other great food selections for happy hour to accompany this juicy burger.  All prices I mention are for happy hour only, which runs frmo 3pm-7pm.

I've had this burger so many times in the last year, and it tastes just as good each and every time.  The service is also amazing.  If you come during happy hour, you will more than likely get to meet Malio himself.  Love him!

We went with Mr. J's parents for happy hour today.  Each of us had a burger along with the tower of onion rings ($5).  Battered, yummy.  'Nuf said.

This one is for Wan, who is a fellow bacon lover.  This is the only menu I've seen so far that offers bacon as an appetizer.  That's right, bacon ($5)!!!!!!

The in-laws had Theresa-style shrimp, which is lightly battered with some seasoning and some sort of sauce ($5).

Mr. J was craving fries, so we ordered some ($9).  Alas, these weren't on the happy hour menu but the order was large enough for 4 people.  Totally worth it.

Momma and Poppa J, who are both newly retired and visiting us for a week.  Yay!!!!!

So, where have you seen bacon as an appetizer?


  1. In Pittsburgh, there's a bar that has bacon night on Tuesdays. If you sit at the bar to drink, it's free. They just bring baskets of bacon to the bar. If you're at a table, it's $1 per basket.

  2. What's the name of the bar? Thanks for sharing!!!