Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10 Egg Omelet at The Peppermill

On our last morning in Sin City earlier this year, we wanted to try a very Vegas style diner.  The Peppermill fit the bill.  It's located near the Riviera, towards downtown.  I had no idea how large the portions would be though.  It was pretty frightening.

Since we all partied pretty late the night before, I figured there was no better way to kick off the brunch than to order a mimosa. 

Did I mention that this place has extremely large portions?  The plate above has a ten egg omelet.  Say what?  That's right, TEN eggs in one omelet.  I couldn't believe someone could eat that alone, but the waitstaff swore they witnessed it themselves.  Ewwww.  Mr. J and I shared one and still finished only half of the plate.  I like my omelets nice and simple and this one had veggies in it.  It was pretty good.  The stuff next to the omelet wasn't worth more than a bite or two.

Someone at the table ordered French toast with a side of bacon.  We ended up splitting most of it since it was so darn big.  Do you see that hunk of butter on that plate?  Oiy!  Everything was good and greasy, which is what we all needed to get on the plane that afternoon (yeah, right).

My favorite part about this restaurant?  Multicolored sugar :-) 

I am still new as this restaurant reviewing thing, so please forgive the weird pictures while I work on consistency and clarity.  Even a professional photographer mentioned how different my point and shoot camera takes two pictures in a row in the same spot and the same lighting. 


  1. Lol! The portions were too much, but nothing beats greasy food on your last morning in Vegas ;-)