Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4th of July in DC

Mr. J and I spent 4th of July weekend in DC to visit Big Sis.  Since Momma and Poppa J were retired by then, they also decided to drive down from CT and meet up with us.  It was a blast to act like a tourist in the nation's capital.  So many things to do (i.e. free museums), so little time.  Mr. J and I absolutely love the DC metro area and would move there in a heartbeat.  Too bad our industry doesn't really have a big presence there.  

We checked out the Natural History Museum but didn't spend too much time there.  For some odd reason, we didn't eat breakfast before we left the hotel so we got hungry shortly after arriving.  I was able to wave a quick hello to this guy before leaving though.

Once we had food in our bellies, we ventured towards the White House and did the usual picture taking session in front.

We walked around the National Mall.  I'm glad we this a few days before the actual 4th of July since the place was already getting prepped for fireworks.

WWII Memorial:

One of Mr. J's cousins was able to give us some free tickets to the Nationals game that weekend.  We got a great view of everything and was even able to catch one of their famous pitchers in action.

I convinced the family to try an Ethiopian restaurant since DC has some great ones.  That will be for another post, but so glad people gave it a shot.  It was so yummy!

Besides Ethiopian, Big Sis and Momma J and I went to a Drag Queen Brunch that Sunday.  We had a blast and the food was actually good too.  

Back again!

So I took an unintended long break from my short blogging stint and now I'm back.  It was nice to discuss my life online and I missed it.   I will be honest and say that my hiatus began because I started a search for a much easier to remember blog address.  Alas, I am far from creative and I couldn't come up with anything.  Then, life just took off and all of a sudden, it's October.

Here's a quick recap:

July: Mr. J and I went to visit Big Sis in DC over 4th of July weekend.

August: I took the GMAT for the second time and did worse.  It was awful and now I have to regroup and push back my b school plans another year.  This also made me decide that I need to sign up for the CFA Level I exam in June.  I can't be out of the game this long without something to show for it, right?  Fun, fun, fun!

September: We went to TX for our friends' wedding.  Mr. J was the Best Man and I was a bridesmaid.  It was beautiful and thankfully, drama free.

October: Finally headed to Europe for a vacation we've been talking about for years.  We went to London, Amsterdam, and Paris for 10 nights and it was amazing.  So much to blog about, so please stay tuned!