Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yummy House

If you haven't figured it out by now, we love to eat.  It wasn't hard to find great restaurants when we lived in NYC, but here in Florida we have to do some work to find them.  If it wasn't for our dear friends Janet and David, we would have never found this Chinese restaurant called Yummy House.  We searched for months and this is the only place that's worth the wait.  There are absolutely no frills, but the food is to die for and it's also BYOB :-)

Don't you love the signage above?  Hehe.  If you plan on coming here on a Saturday night, you better make reservations a week beforehand.  Otherwise, it can be quite a lengthy wait.  I've watched people wait an hour, so save yourself the frustration.  Besides, you end up waiting outside in the heat and that's just not going to help you.  Yummy House also does takeout, if that suits your fancy more than the dining area below.

We started off with some spring rolls and salt and pepper calamari.  Sooo crispy!

Be warned, folks, the calamari is pretty spicy.  I eat it quickly and always forget to brace myself :-)

I was craving General Tso's chicken for months and thought this was the time to order it.  Man, the sauce was perfect.  Check out the veggies and the peppers!

The mongolian beef was a crowd pleaser as well, but it put my taste buds into spicy overload.

Mr. J was craving noodles, so he ordered some.  Tastes so fresh and far from the oily hot messes that we've had in order establishments.

Seriously folks, I highly recommend this restaurant.  Yummy House is a true gem of Tampa!


  1. I don't trust Chinese restaurants where non-Chinese people outnumber Chinese people!

  2. I like and follow your strategy, my friend.