Monday, March 22, 2010

The Randomness in My Life

Did I ever mention yet that my stress levels are shooting up by the second? Lol.

So yeah, I am just going to show pics of what I have coming up. Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Did you hear that? It was my maniacal laugh).

1. GMAT on Thursday:

2. Lots of running around for the Silent Auction and then a committee meeting on Friday.

3. Drive down to Miami and hop on our family cruise (Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!):

4. Wrap up everything I need to do for the Silent Auction, held on Saturday, April 10th. Cool poster, huh? One of the members of the Advisory board created the design and I am in love with it.
5. My 10 year high school reunion at the end of April, which coincides with the school's 100 year celebration. Man, I can't believe it's been a decade already. Where has the time gone?
6. Mr. J's big 30th birthday bash. Can't wait!

Picture credit goes to

7. Our friends' wedding (Mr. J is a groomsman):
8. London/Amsterdam/Paris in July (hopefully):
9. Friends' wedding in El Paso, TX (Mr. J is the best man, I am a bridesmaid):

There is plenty more to list, but this post is already long enough. Anyway, I can't wait to post pics from all of these events.


  1. Oh my. That would make me crazy!

  2. Lol, this list is only the really big stuff. I have a ton of other things on my "list" that can make someone's head spin.