Saturday, December 11, 2010

$3 Movies

My mom lives in Raleigh, NC and that city is one of only few places I know that have the massive discounted movie theaters.  They play movies that just left the regular theaters but before the DVDs are released.  Instead of having to shell out $10, you pay $2 or $3.  It's freaking amazing!

Britton 8 is my newest discovery in town.  Who knew that this movie theater actually played decent movies for so cheap?  It's hidden deep within the recesses of your typical retail plaza in Florida.  The inside is nothing grand.  As a matter of fact, the theater we were in was so small it almost felt like an in-home movie theater.  lol.

Was it worth our $3 / ticket?  Heck yes!  They even have a special on Tuesdays.  Any movie is only $1! Be warned, it's a cash only place.  Love it!

*Side note*  Once again, I apologize for the lack of pictures.  I am so behind on my blogging and alas, the photos that go with this post were on the old laptop.  I will update once I go back to Britton 8.

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