Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hotlanta Hotel

Mr. J and I went to different colleges in Atlanta.  He graduated a year ahead of me, but he's had the opportunity to return a few more times than I have since he walked the stage.  Every year for the last few years, he's actually met up with a bunch of his college friends during Homecoming Weekend.  

In October 2009, I finally had the chance to join him.  It was so strange since this was the first time I went back to the ATL since I graduated in 2003.  The city changed a lot since I left, especially the Buckhead area.  It used to have a lot of clubs where college kids partied until the wee hours of the morning.  Now, it's filled with restaurants and hotels. 

Photo credit: W Atlanta - Buckhead website

For our 3 night stay, Priceline gave me a HUGE surprise when I won my bid of $75 / night at the W Atlanta - Buckhead.  I couldn't believe my luck!  Not only was that less than half off the asking rate on the hotel's website, it was in a great location as well.  The W in Buckhead is located a few buildings down from Lenox Square Mall.  It's also on Peachtree Street, the main drag that brings you all the way to the heart of the A and beyond.  Talk about a major lucky break for me :-)

Because of our stay at the W in New Orleans, I was expecting the room to be much smaller than it was.  Despite the fact that Starwood Hotels is very consistent with its decor of the W brand, Mr. J and I loved this one ten times more than the one in NOLA.  

The only strange thing about the room was that it did not have a tub like all of the other W hotels we've ever stayed in.  It's ok though since I never use it anyway.  But still, it just stuck out in my mind while we were there.

When Mr. J finished his guys' time at Homecoming, he dropped by to say hello to my sorority sisters and I, who were sitting in the lobby.  

We even saw one of the characters from the Real Housewives of Atlanta there.  Can you guess who it is?  Yes, that is a man and he is wearing Louboutins.  I am jealous!

My sorority sisters and I spent hours just people watching at the bar in the lobby.  The bartender there is a blast and we had so much fun.  Like other W hotels, this one also had a Whiskey Blue bar.  However, it was located on the roof instead of in the lobby.  Guests of the hotel were able to get into the lounge for free and through a private elevator.  Very cool!

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  1. Next time you are in the ATL you have to let me know!!!!!