Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amsterdam, Day 2

I really need to learn how to blog without such long breaks.  Heh.  Let's see how long this current blogging streak will last.

Let's see, Amsterdam Day 2...

We started our first (and only) full day in Amsterdam w/ a great lunch in a small place right across the canal from the Anne Frank Museum called Cafe De Prins (Prinsengracht 124).  I mean, you really couldn't go wrong with freshly made cheese and bread and coffee.

Mr. J ordered some sort of panini w/ goat cheese and I pretty much died and went to cheese heaven.  LOVED it.

I ordered the Dutch Meatball, which arrived in one massive sized ball that I had to cut into multiple slices.  I ate every single last piece of this meatball.

After our meal, we hopped on the Canal Bus, the hop-on, hop-off canal cruise that goes all around Amsterdam.  This is the map of the routes and we were able to cruise on several throughout the day.

While waiting for the canal boat, we saw this guy with a major fashion disaster waiting in line.  Sexay!

The canal boat was open air, which was nice until the late afternoon when it was colder.

This is one of the few remaining windmills left in Amsterdam.  It has a brewery at the bottom but we didn't have time to check it out. 

We hopped off to check out the Albert Cuyp Market.  My friend Jordan visited Amsterdam earlier in the year and told us that this open air market was not to be missed.  So glad she recommended it!

Ah, Amsterdam!  We bought some souvenirs for Big Sis and her boyfriend from this stand.  Can you imagine what those TSA officers were thinking when we went through airport security?  LMAO.

Once we finished walking around the market, we decided to walk to the Van Gogh museum.  We saw this car parked on the street on our way there and just had to take a pic.  Not sure how long it's been since the thing last moved, but it looked pretty cool just sitting there.

The Van Gogh museum was one of the highlights of our time in Amsterdam.  You must visit, even if it's just for an hour.  Of course, you must also take the pic with the I Amsterdam sign nearby.  Can you see us?  lol.

After the Van Gosh museum, we hopped back on the Canal Bus to take a different route and see what else we could see before the day ended.
Holocaust Memorial:
Cool looking library!

Once the sun set, we decided to walk around the Red Light District again.  We ate at some random Italian eatery where I discovered the best apple cider known to mankind, the Strongbow Gold.  Total yum!

Before we left for our trip, everyone and their momma told me that I MUST try the fries w/ mayonnaise in Amsterdam.  It sounded absolutely disgusting to me...until I tried it.  OMG I am still dreaming about those fries over 7 months later!

We wrapped up our last night in Amsterdam wishing we had another one left.  Two nights in this wonderful city was just not enough, but we tried our best to see what we could.


  1. We're going next year! We're going next year!

  2. I hope you try the fries Weemz!