Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well hello there, 2011

I can't believe how fast time flies.  It seems like it was just yesterday that Mr. J and I were ringing in 1999.  The first of the year always makes me nostalgic, and then I realize how much I have to do in the next twelve months and go into panic mode.

Over the years, I've made many resolutions that I never kept beyond January.  I am determined to avoid that going forward.  Instead of making resolutions this year, I want to make 2011 a year of continued personal growth and to actually focus on professional progress. 

2010 was filled with lots of uncertainty in my professional life.  I spent all of it unemployed (sadly, I don't see that changing any time soon).  Since I moved from NYC to Tampa in March of 2009, I have not been able to find anyone to interview me in this city.  It's frustrating since I have been able to land interviews back home.  Too bad it's not possible to move back unless both Mr. J and I can get jobs first.  As a result, I was supposed to focus on getting myself into business school.  That didn't really happen in 2010 for various reasons.  I took the GMAT twice and lost focus to try and take the test a third time.  Then, I started doubting my reasons for wanting the MBA and I waffled on career choices after grad school. 

I started researching the requirements for the CPA exam since I thought that career would be better suited for what I want as far as work/life balance is concerned.  Now, I am back to the MBA goal again.  Talk about going around in circles!  So yes, 2011, I shall get my act together to take the GMAT as many times as necessary to get that score I need for the program I want.  Also, in order to keep myself competitive for my career after the MBA, I plan on studying for and taking the CFA Level I and II tests this year.  I really hope I pass both!

In 2010, Mr. J and I were able to travel a lot and accomplish several financial goals, so that's great.  We also laid down the ground work to make some big changes in our personal lives, so really it was a pretty good year for us in these two areas.  I know that we won't be able to travel half as much in 2011, but we are planning to do a lot regarding our financial goals so I am happy with the end result. 

I hope to be a much more frequent blogger this year and I hope I gain some readers to hold me more accountable :-P

In what ways would you like 2011 to be different than 2010?

Happy New Year readers!  May 2011 bring you love, peace, and prosperity.


  1. Hi there! finding out what to do and when and how is tough! i think as long as ur out there wondering and wondering, it'll all come together, hurray for 2011 and fresh starts!

  2. Great points, thanks for stopping by!

  3. I hope you can find a job soon. I too am looking for work here in Florida and it is a nightmare. I know something will come along eventually though.